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Legal Scholarship at Its Finest: Exploring Our Firm's Academic Contributions

Writing law articles is not only a smart and strategic career move, but also a powerful means of contributing to the legal community and shaping the evolution of the law.

Freedom of Expression on College Campuses

People have the right to express their thoughts and feelings without government censorship. This personal freedom is important for individual liberty and allows for the exchange of different ideas. However, colleges are sometimes censoring beliefs that differ from their own, which creates a safe environment for some students and their beliefs.

Gaining Legal Control Over Vaping

Nicotine is the main addictive ingredient in e-cigs and is responsible for causing and sustaining dependence. Although the risks associated with e-cigs are not fully understood, studies are needed to uncover potential hazards

Employee Evaluation Forms & Their Influence On The War On Drugs

Employee evaluations shape performance and identify problem areas. Progressive prosecutors aim to fix the justice system, but can do more to change the culture. They must use evaluation forms to align with their reformist ideology.

The Norman Invasion On England Had On Coverture's Development In English Common Law

Had the Normans not invaded England, coverture may not have been implemented into English common law at all. 

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Christopher McNeal
Christopher McNeal
Bart is extremely knowledgable and SUPER fast responding to any questions and concerns. Highly recommended!!!
Bart and his staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable with my case. They were always available for questions or concerns that I had. I would highly recommend him and his firm to anyone.
Lisa Medlock
Lisa Medlock
I was referred to Benton and Benton and so thankful for their care after my car accident. No phone call ever went unanswered and all of my concerns and questions were always answered. Even as busy as they are, they always made me feel like I was their One and Only client. You Will NOT get service like they give from any other firm. Choose them, you will be happy you did!
Cale Randall
Cale Randall
It was a pleasure working with Benton and Benton. They offered personal service, and went above and beyond. I really appreciate the service I received iny time of need. Thanks so Bartlett Benton and his father. And don't let me forget the paralegals that were there for me as ❤️‍🩹 well..

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