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Rideshare Accidents

Monroe, GA Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Rideshare apps such as Lyft now have drivers in Loganville, Georgia and Monroe, Georgia.  There are multiple ways you can be in an accident involving a Lyft driver-you could be a passenger in the Lyft vehicle or you could be hit by a Lyft vehicle while in your own vehicle.

What Are The Insurance Requirements For Lyft Drivers?

When a Lyft driver is logged onto the app in Loganville, Georgia or Monroe, Georgia, but has not yet accepted a ride request, the Lyft driver must have a minimum of $100,000.00 of insurance for bodily injuries to or death of all persons in any one accident.  

When the Lyft driver accepts a ride request in Loganville, Georgia or Monroe, Georgia, the Lyft driver must have a minimum of $1 million in insurance per occurrence and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage of at least $1 million per incident.  This insurance requirement runs from the time the ride request is accepted until the driver completes the transaction or the ride is complete.  

Have You Been Injured In A Lyft Accident In Loganville, Georgia or Monroe, Georgia?

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