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Rear End Accidents in Monroe, GA

Monroe, GA Rear End Accident Lawyer

One of the most common forms of car accidents is rear end accidents.  If you drive down Highway 78 in Loganville, Georgia or Highway 138 in Monroe, Georgia, you have probably noticed the amount of traffic on daily basis.  With more traffic comes more chances for accidents.    

Common Types of Injuries From Rear End Accidents

From our experience, the most common types of injuries from rear end accidents are neck and lower back injuries.  These include strains and disc issues.  Sometimes the impact is so strong that people need surgery to repair their spinal cord injuries.  These surgeries are very expensive and the recovery period can be a long road.  

Causes of Rear End Accidents

Probably the most common reason for a rear end accident is the at-fault driver not paying proper attention to what is in front of them.  Many times this is because of talking on the phone, texting, looking at social media, or talking to a passenger and not paying attention.  

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