Elder Abuse in Georgia

Elder abuse is the most underreported form of abuse and crime in the United States. These older individuals are at risk of multiple types of abuse. Oftentimes these things go unreported because the victim knows the abuser and either does not have another option for a caregiver or does not want to cause trouble in the relationship. 

The elderly also feel like they are a burden to those having to care for them. These feelings of shame and worry can lead to neglect not being reported. Similar to young women who are sexually assaulted, the elderly will avoid reporting abuse because they fear not being believed or they fear that their own actions caused the mistreatment and were in some way deserving.

The elderly deserve our utmost respect, and unfortunately, they are often mistreated instead. It can surely be frustrating for both the caregiver and the elderly at times dealing with the symptoms of aging, but this is never an excuse for mistreatment. 

As you read below about different forms of elder abuse in Georgia and feel you or a loved one may have a case, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Benton & Benton to help you get the settlement and retain the rights that you deserve. 

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse includes any form of bodily harm inflicting physical pain. A common form of physical abuse in the elderly is that of being improperly restrained against their will. Pushing, pinching, strangling and slapping are forms of physical abuse that should never be tolerated. If you are not the primary caregiver for your loved one you can look for signs of physical abuse such as cuts, bruises and bed sores that could indicate neglect.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can be difficult to define and identify. Emotional abuse includes all forms of verbal abuse and is sometimes also referred to as psychological. Threatening, yelling, name-calling, etc. can all be considered emotional abuse. Ignoring and manipulating are also forms of this type of abuse. Touching on a bit of social health as well, if someone is keeping the elderly individual from seeing friends and family that is a sign of emotional abuse. 

Financial Abuse

This is better defined as financial exploitation. This can happen knowingly or unknowingly. There are many reports from elders about being coerced or manipulated into giving money or benefits of some kind to another individual. This can be done by close relatives or strangers. There are many spam schemes that are aimed directly at senior citizens. 

The simplest definition of this is when an elderly’s finances or assets are used by another individual without consent or to the benefit of the other person resulting in stolen personal information or financial distress. 

Examples of this include but are not limited to:

  • Forging checks
  • Financial schemes
  • Insurance fraud
  • Theft
  • Online phishing scams to gain personal information
  • Forging or rewriting important documents such as wills

Sexual Abuse

This type of abuse involves forcing an elderly person to watch or participate in any unwanted sexual acts without proper consent. It can also include those without the proper knowledge or mindset to be able to make an informed decision about their sexual activity.

Elder Abuse Claims in Georgia

Cases of neglect or abuse of the elderly are unacceptable. Those responsible for this kind of pain and suffering need to be held accountable. The elder abuse attorneys at Benton & Benton in Georgia are ready and qualified to help you and your family. Call today for a free consultation.