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Abuse, neglect exploitation of at-risk adults in the state of Georgia is a serious and very real concern. According to the Department of Human Services, Division of Aging Services, “Abuse of older and disabled adults (at-risk adults) is one of the most undetected and underreported problems in the U.S.”

As our population ages, more and more adults are placed within nursing homes, assisted living or other care facilities. These often extremely vulnerable adults are placed in these facilities so they can have access to 24/7 care. In many instances, the care is sufficient and the residents are appropriately cared for. Unfortunately, there are exceptions. In these exceptions these elderly or otherwise vulnerable individuals are neglected, mistreated, or abused. These tragic scenarios demand justice. Justice for the victim and recipient, justice for their families and justice for every other resident of these facilities. Our elderly and our vulnerable deserve better. The skilled and experienced attorneys at Benton & Benton are ready to represent the nursing home abuse victims and their families. If there was a situation where your loved one suffered wrongfully, you owe it to them to give us a call.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

  • Nursing Home Neglect
  • Medication Issues
  • Physical Abuse
  • Emotional, Verbal or Psychological Abuse
  • Financial Exploitation
  • Sexual Abuse

Nursing Home Neglect

Our loved ones are placed within these facilities so that they can have greater and more frequent access to care. However, there have been a number of cases where individuals are not properly cared for. Appropriate and even basic care is not properly or timely given. Evidence of this neglect is indicated by bed sores, rashes, poor hygiene and other evidence. This lack of basic care is inhumane. These poor conditions for the elderly or otherwise vulnerable can be life-threatening.  Examples of neglect can include the following:

  • Improper use of mechanical bed lifts
  • Failure to support residents while walking resulting in falls
  • Dehydration
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Untreated cuts or other wounds
  • Improper restraints
  • Allowing residents to wander especially those with memory care needs like dementia

Medical Malpractice or Improper Care

Another motivation for people to place their loved ones in facilities is to give them more immediate access to properly trained medical professionals. However, in some of the facilities there are only a small number of actually qualified individuals. The access to these individuals is either too infrequent or insufficient to properly assess the health of the residents. This can leave the nursing home residents with serious medical conditions without appropriate medical attention.

Medication Errors or Issues

A regular occurrence within the facilities is the dissemination of medications. This responsibility is extremely important but it is sometimes left to unqualified, unmotivated individuals. When this happens and the nursing home residents are given either the wrong medications or do not receive the ones they are meant to, it can lead to serious life-threatening conditions for these vulnerable individuals.

Physical Abuse

The striking, hitting, biting or otherwise mistreating nursing home residents is a serious issue. Visiting your loved ones within these facilities and finding bruises, cuts or other unexplained evidence of injury can be unsettling for the family members. The well being of your loved one is our top concern. If you believe this may be happening, we can help you navigate the situation and figure out what needs to happen next.

Emotional, Verbal or Psychological Abuse

Not all damages or forms of abuse are physical. The mistreatment that may be occurring within the nursing home may not leave any scars or marks but it is still very real.

Financial Exploitation

When you place your loved one in a care facility, you place a lot of trust in the people around your loved one. Unfortunately, sometimes this trust is misplaced. Caretakers or other facility staff members may take advantage of the residents. There are a variety of ways a resident can be financially exploited but it commonly happens in the form of stealing credit card information or other financial information.

Sexual Abuse

The Georgia Division of Aging Services defines sexual abuse as “Any kind of sexual behavior directed towards an at-risk adult without the person’s full knowledge and consent. A spouse, partner, family member or other trusted person can perpetrate sexual abuse.”

Many of these adults are more vulnerable or just as vulnerable as children. Sadly, sometimes within these facilities, proper precautionary measures are not taken or are overlooked.

Potential Abuse or Neglect Indications

There could be several indications that things are not going as they should be within the facilities. Here’s a list of some of the most common:

  • Bruising
  • Cuts, lacerations or scrapes
  • Sudden death
  • Declines in overall health
  • Weight loss
  • Social withdrawal
  • Bed or pressure sores
  • Unclean or poorly cleaned
  • Uncharacteristic fear of being touched/li>
  • Emotional volatility

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Cases of neglect or abuse within American nursing homes are unacceptable. Facilities that allow such things to happen to our loved ones need to be held accountable. The nursing home abuse attorneys at Benton & Benton are ready and qualified to help you and your family. Call today for a free consultation.


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