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The slip and fall in a grocery store is almost a cliché for lawyers, but these jokes disguise how serious a slip and fall injury can be. If you’ve been hurt after slipping and falling, you have rights. Don’t be afraid to call a local Monroe, GA, slip and fall attorney. Benton & Benton, personal injury attorneys, have been taking slip and fall cases for many years, and we’re experts in this area.

Think of all the dangers that are part of daily life. Damp floors from cleaning or tracked in rain or snow, stairs with no railings, improperly installed carpeting, and poorly lit stairwells and hallways can all create perfect trip conditions. Broken wrists or fingers and back injuries are among the most common slip and fall injuries. Can you imagine going to work or completing your daily tasks with an injury like that? Choose a professional personal injury lawyer to protect your interests.

I’ve Fallen – Now What?

If possible, photograph the general area, wet spots, missing railings, and other unsafe conditions. It’s essential to seek immediate medical attention. After you’ve fallen, you may not “feel hurt,” especially if you have adrenaline flowing through your body. However, falling accidents cause many “soft tissue” injuries that may not be readily apparent.

Preserve any evidence you can, including your shoes or clothing. The business may fill out an accident report, so make sure to request a copy. Note whether there are cameras in the area that may have captured your injury. Both the report and any camera footage can be valuable evidence if your case goes before a jury.

You should also call a lawyer as soon as possible. The business owner may offer to settle one-on-one or may push back when you mention seeking legal advice. Stay strong! You have rights, and if you’ve been hurt, you’re entitled to compensation. Benton & Benton can help.

Building Codes Mean Owners Have Safety Responsibilities

Did you know that building codes can determine who is at fault for a slip and fall accident? The Uniform Building Code contains language and statutes that define negligence on the part of the business owner. Your slip and fall lawyer knows Georgia’s applicable building code statutes and can determine when a property owner violates those safety requirements.

Proving that the statutes were violated also proves negligence on the part of the property owner. In cases where the fault is unclear, a personal injury lawyer builds a case that includes establishing responsibility on the business owner’s part.

Types Of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen in any number of circumstances, not just from a puddle of water on the floor. Each accident is different, so having a lawyer well-versed in your case’s complications is essential.

Slips On Ice or Snow

Although Monroe winters can be milder than other parts of the country, many residents know the dangers of black ice. Property owners have a responsibility to keep the walkways free from snow and ice. This isn’t always a hard-and-fast rule, such as if the snow is currently falling. To prove negligence, your personal injury lawyer will need to prove that the property owner knew of the ice and snow but didn’t do anything about it.

Wet Floors

Wet floors are one of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents. Water accumulates on the floor of a business for many reasons, from roof leaks to dripping faucets, to moisture that accumulates under a cooler or freezer. If an accident occurs, the same responsibility is on the property owner: Did they know about the wet spots, and did they take necessary precautions? These could include placing wet floor signs, roping off an affected area, or mopping up the spill.

Property Defects

A defect in the building itself can also cause people to fall. Stairways with no handrail can be dangerous, or maybe the carpeting wasn’t installed correctly, leaving lumps that people could trip over. If specific safety measures like handrails are required by building codes, then negligence is easily proven. Otherwise, the same rules apply: Did the owner know about a potential trip hazard, and did they have an opportunity to fix it?

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Unless the accident occurs on your property, yes, you may need a lawyer. If you’ve been hurt or missed work due to the accident, you’re likely entitled to compensation, which may include covering your medical bills and the wages you lost from missing work.

Businesses and government agencies carry insurance just in case accidents happen on their property. These insurance companies like to settle personal injury cases quickly and cheaply. However, if your injuries require ongoing medical care, such as a neck, back, or spine injury, or if a broken bone leaves you unable to work for several weeks, you’re entitled to compensation for the long-term care and all those weeks of lost wages. The initial settlement offer from the at-fault party’s insurance company may not cover the full extent of your bills, which is why you need a good personal injury lawyer to help you get everything you’re entitled to.

Call Benton & Benton – Your Monroe, GA, Slip and Fall Attorneys

At Benton & Benton, we’re here to help injured people across Georgia. We provide a small-town, personalized legal service with big-time results. We’re your advocate in the courtroom, at mediation, and against big insurance companies. If you’ve slipped, fallen, and been injured, you have rights! Give us a call today or visit us online for a personalized consultation to discuss your case.

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