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Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common personal injury lawsuits in Georgia, but despite their commonplace nature you still need a Monticello, GA slip and fall lawyer if you are injured and seeking compensation. There is no statistic that reveals how much you can expect to win in court. There is no set pathway to a settlement because every single slip and fall accident is unique. 

However, this should not cause you to worry, what it should do is lead you to search for a highly qualified Monticello, GA slip and fall lawyer to handle your case. You need a flexible, quick, and savvy layer to maximize your results, which is something the lawyers at Benton & Benton excel at doing. Before putting a lawyer on retainer, however, let’s step back a second and look at what exactly qualifies as a slip and fall accident and the many situations where you can become a victim of one.

Where Can Slip & Fall Accidents Happen?

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, but there are certain circumstances where they are most likely to happen such as in areas where there is a spill or in icy conditions. However, you should be aware that not all slip and falls automatically qualify for compensation. By the same token, some slip and fall accidents could result in a high settlement if you know what you are doing.

Georgia law is complex, so to decipher whether or not your slip and fall accident could be worth compensation it is best to consult with a Monticello, Georgia slip and fall lawyer. They can help you work out the situation and figure out whether or not you should pursue a case.

It is important to recognize that in order for a slip and fall accident to be litigious it must have occurred on someone else’s property. You cannot sue yourself, nor will a fall on your property be worth anything. Therefore, an accident that occurs when you slip taking in the groceries will mean nothing, while an accident taking in groceries at a rental property or walking into work may present the opportunity for a lawsuit.

Additionally, you need to remember that there is a statute of limitations when it comes to slip and fall personal injury lawsuits in Georgia. You must file within two years otherwise you will have no claim to compensation except in extremely stringent situations.

What are the Various Types of Slip & Fall Lawsuits?

As mentioned, there are a wide variety of slip and fall lawsuits since there are hundreds of places that you can accidentally fall including in a hospital room, getting out of a shower at a hotel, slipping on ice in a parking lot, falling downstairs, or off a balcony due to flaws with the railings, etc. Here are a few of the most common situations that can warrant a slip and fall lawsuit in Monticello, Georgia.

Slippery Floors

There are dozens of scenarios in which water accumulates on the floor. A leaky faucet, refrigerator issue, leaking roof, spilled water glass, broken jar, and more can all result in a spill hazard. If you can make a reasonable claim that the owner of the property knew about the spill and did not clean it up promptly there is space for a lawsuit.

Defects on Business or Commercial Property

All commercial buildings in Georgia have to follow a strict building code. If there is a defect in a business and you are hurt as a result of it, such as a broken railing on the stairs, you automatically have a claim for compensation. In order to prove there was a defect you need documentation. Gathering photo evidence or witness statements as soon as possible is the key which a Monticello, Georgia slip and fall lawyer can help you do.

Ice/Snow Slips

Similar to slippery floor slips and falls, ice and snow easily present a fall risk where the burden of proof falls on the defendant to prove the property owner did not act within a reasonable timeframe to clean/remove/salt walkways. You need to prove that the landowner was aware of the snowfall and had the chance to remove it but didn’t. For instance, a slip and fall in the middle of the night will be harder to win versus a fall in the middle of the day when the snowfall is from the day before.

Why You Need a Monticello Slip and Fall Lawyer to Combat Georgia’s “Shared Fault” Statute

Georgia is a “shared fault” state which can make pursuing a slip and fall case a bit more complicated than in other states. According to Georgia law, all personal injury cases are dependent on the idea of comparative negligence which allows for both the plaintiff and the defendant to share the blame when a slip and fall accident occurs. The insurance company will work hard to prove that you were at least 50% to blame for the accident because they cannot be held liable for the accident.

If they can prove comparative negligence in any amount this can also reduce the final settlement amount. For instance, if the defendant convinces the judge you are 20% responsible for a slip and fall accident and the award amount is $20,000, they will only need to pay out $16,000. This makes fighting and winning a personal injury case in Georgia an uphill battle that requires an expert slip and fall lawyer.

Lock Down an Expert Slip and Fall Lawyer

Insurance companies will work hard to get you to settle early, because they know the earlier a plaintiff accepts a settlement the less they will have to pay. Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind, but the right Monticello, GA slip and fall lawyer does.

The lawyers at Benton & Benton law firm bring a wealth of experience to our personal injury clients from both sides of the bench. Bartlett Benton worked for a number of insurance companies before turning to private law to campaign for the many plaintiffs who were being trampled by big business. Gene Benton spent 16 years as a Superior Court Judge and during that time has seen hundreds of slip and fall cases.

Their unique experience has allowed their small law firm to win millions in compensation for their clients. If you need a Monticello, GA slip and fall lawyer call Benton & Benton today.

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