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T-bone accidents are common in GA. They can result in severe injuries due to the force transferred from one car to another during impact. Statistics by the Department of Public Health in Georgia show that up to 60% of crashes that result in ER visits, hospitalization, and deaths occur at road intersections.

You have a right to sue the driver at fault if you are involved in such accidents. However, it is challenging to prove the other driver’s negligence unless you have an experienced lawyer to fight for your rights and win the compensation you deserve.

What is T-Bone/Intersection Accident?

T-bone collisions are among the many intersection accidents in Georgia. It occurs due to driver negligence, mainly because cars are heading in many different directions at the intersection. T-bone accidents are commonly known as broadside collisions because they happen when one driver slams into the side of another at a traffic intersection. They are known as T-bone because the cars collide at a perpendicular angle, forming a “T.”

Common Causes of T-Bone Car Accidents

Car accidents at the intersection mainly happen due to driver negligence to give right of way. A driver who chooses to ignore red lights and disregards a stop sign is highly likely to cause a T-bone accident. The leading causes of T-bone intersection accidents include the following:

  • Making a turn after failing to yield a right of way to another driver
  • Distracted driving
  • A driver that falls asleep at the wheel
  • Driving under the influence
  • Drivers that speed at an intersection

Remember, many other reasons can cause T-bone accidents. Therefore, it is advisable to call your auto accident lawyer right away to assess the situation and explore your legal rights.

Why are T-Bone Accidents so Serious?

Most car manufacturers design vehicles to minimize head injuries at the driver and passenger seats. They include safety features such as airbags, safety belts, and improved bumpers to reduce impact during head-on accidents.

In head-on accidents, the impact is less due to a considerable impact distance and protection. Unfortunately, side collisions are dangerous due to much less protection and the absence of safety features on the side.

The Most Common Injuries From T-Bone Accidents

A vehicle that collides into the side of another in a T-bone collision can lead to severe injuries to the other car’s occupants. The latter is often possible because the vehicle hit by the side absorbs more force from the wreck. Unlike the rear zone of the car, its side cannot absorb as much force from the impact. As a result, death or the following T-bone injuries can occur:

· Arm and Shoulder Injuries

A passenger seated on the side of the car experiences most of the side impact. Often, the door crashes in to cause severe injuries to their arms and shoulders. Such damages may include broken arms, shoulder dislocation, and laceration.

· Back and Neck Injuries

Broadside collisions also result in back injuries such as herniated disc or a broken back in severe cases. Victims may also suffer from neck sprains in T-bone crashes.

· Broken Ribs

Side impact in the middle of the car door may result in rib injuries.

· Ear and Head Injuries

A bigger car may hit the upper portion of the victim’s car during a T-bone crash. Such victims may suffer head and ear injuries caused by impact from side windows and upper parts of the car door.

· Traumatic Brain Injury

Most T-bone crash victims sustain traumatic head injuries.

What Evidence Do You Need in a T-Bone Accident Claim?

The police will gather all the evidence you need to determine fault in a T-bone accident. Your car accident lawyer may also submit other evidence to support your T-bone accident claim. The familiar sources of evidence include the following:

  • Evidence from the accident site– It is advisable to document your injuries immediately at the accident scene. Also, take photos of the damaged vehicle to reveal what happened.
  • Forensic investigation- Experts can reconstruct and examine the crash scene to determine how the accident occurred. An expert forensic report will help your lawyer make your claim.
  • Video from the traffic cameras – Evidence from this source is often reliable because it is from a neutral party. You can present surveillance footage to support your T-bone accident claim.
  • Witness testimony- Includes statements from pedestrians and other drivers who can testify to help you prove that the other driver remains at fault for your injuries.
  • Photos and video captured by witnesses
  • Passenger statements

It is essential to obtain this information immediately after the accident.

How Can a Georgia T-Bone Accident Lawyer Help Me?

It is often challenging to prove who is at fault in T-bone accidents due to many causative factors. Although many people assume that the driver that plowed into your car is at fault, this may not be necessarily true in some cases.

An Experienced Lawyer Can Help When It Is Hard to Tell Who Is at Fault in A T-Bone Accident

The car positions and timing at the intersection help prove the driver liable for the accident. Your auto accident attorney will help you establish whether you were first to get to the center of the intersection.

Besides the driver’s fault, other factors such as broken traffic lights may lead to T-bone accidents. Besides, some drivers may suffer from traumatic head injuries that make it hard to recall the circumstances around a T-bone accident. As a result, the success of your lawsuit or claim depends on evidence and your lawyer’s experience.

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