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Accidents can be devastating partly because they can leave you with severe injuries. When you suffer an injury from an accident caused by another person or entity, the resulting injuries may require medical treatment that can be financially burdensome, not to mention their psychological impact.

The injuries may also disrupt your livelihood, the effects of which can easily bleed into other important areas of your life, such as your relationships. So, following an accident, you want to know to what extent the person or entity responsible is liable and how much compensation you should receive to help you get your life back on track.

A personal injury lawyer helps you answer these and more questions. Let’s look into the types of injuries personal injury lawyers handle, why you should hire one, and why you should hire Benton & Benton.

The Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Most people don’t know what their rights are and what the law has to say about personal injuries caused by others. When you or your loved one becomes injured because of something another person or entity did or failed to do, you need help seeking legal recourse.

Benton & Benton helps clients who suffer physical, psychological, or financial injuries that result from another person’s or entity’s negligence. Our primary practice areas for personal injury include

  • Car accident injuries such as head injuries, loss of limbs, nerve damage, spinal injuries, and more
  • Truck accident injuries from road rage, drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, texting while driving, and more
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect cases such as physical abuse, medication issues, sexual abuse, financial exploitation, and more
  • Wrongful death damages, funeral expenses, medical expenses, and loss of household income
  • Medical malpractice cases such as medical procedure mismanagement and errors in the treatment of diagnostic failure

We help you get legal redress and relief for the harm you endure. We achieve this by proving them harm and seeking full compensation.

Why you should hire a personal injury lawyer to help

Personal injury lawsuits are complicated. You want an injury lawyer with the qualifications and experience necessary to help you navigate the intricate procedures and rules of evidence of personal injury lawsuits.

You hire a personal injury lawyer because they help you handle the case and take it through its various stages, including

  • Case evaluation. Your lawyer examines the merits of your case and investigates your claims as a plaintiff or defendant. They explain your rights in the context of the relevant laws and the impact of comparative negligence.
  • Pre-trial preparation. If the case goes to trial, your lawyer helps you prepare your case. They carry out a professional investigation of the accident and gather evidence to determine liability, causation, and damages. They communicate with the other parties on your behalf.
  • Legal processes. Your lawyer negotiates on your behalf with the other party, such as an insurance company, to find the optimal solution. Your lawyer explores all alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration.
  • Court representation. If attempts to settle the case out of court fail, your lawyer represents you in court.

You want an injury lawyer who’s familiar with the proceeding and technicalities of personal injury cases. Personal injury cases are often settled out of court before the filing of the lawsuit. If you lose the case, you can have your lawyer file an appeal and continue to represent you.

Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer To Help

Personal injuries from accidents can be extremely stressful. You want to recover as quickly as possible and get back to your life, as much as that it possible. Benton & Benton helps you do that. With Benton & Benton, your case gets the full attention it deserves because we understand how much is at stake for you.

When you or your loved one becomes a victim of an accident that leaves you with injuries, Benton & Benton help to unburden you of the stress related to filing and winning a lawsuit. We do this by handling every aspect of the case from the beginning to its conclusion.

Gene Benton has 16 years of experience as a Superior Court judge. With such extensive experience comes the legal understanding and insights that have proven essential to winning a personal injury case.

We have the answers to all the important questions you struggle with following an accident:

  • “How do I get medical care?”
  • “How long will the whole process take?”
  • “How will I pay my medical bills?”
  • “What happens after a lawyer takes my case?”
  • “How will I recover for my lost wages?”

At Benton & Benton, we realize your health and wellbeing are one of your most cherished and invaluable assets. Everything we do is aimed at ensuring you get the best treatment for your injuries.

We keep you in the loop about all the crucial aspects of your injury case. We know that as much as the case is stressful, you want to keep track of its progress because its outcome determines whether or not you can get your life back on track following an accident in which you were injured.

Get Help for Your Injury Case

If you or your loved one suffers injuries in an accident for which another person or entity is responsible, you need urgent help getting compensated for your injuries. Contact Benton & Benton and schedule a consultation to start the process of getting your life back on track.

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