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I Was Injured In An Accident With A City Of Monroe, Georgia Work Truck. Can I Sue The City?

Posted by Bartlett Benton | Apr 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

Were You Injured In An Accident With A City Of Monroe, Georgia Work Truck?  

If you were injured in an accident where the at-fault vehicle was a City of Monroe, Georgia work truck, you may be wondering if you can sue the city.  The answer? Yes.  Please see below more information regarding suing a city in Georgia.  

Are There Any Special Requirements That I Have To Follow When I Sue A City In Georgia?  

Yes.  Suing a city in Georgia is different than suing a private business.  When you sue a private business, you have two years from the date of the accident to sue.  No prior notice must be given to the private business before you file the lawsuit.  

When you sue a city, however, you have six months from the date of the car accident to notify the city in writing of the time, place, extent of the injury, and negligence which caused the injury. The written notice to the city should also include the specific amount of money damages you are requesting.

Failure to give written notice to the city can be fatal to your case, so make sure to speak with a personal injury attorney if you are unsure if you are correctly following the law. 

Is There A Cap On How Much Money I Can Recover From The City For My Injuries?

Yes. You are only entitled to damages up to $500,000, or more than $500,000 if the city purchases insurance with policy limits beyond $500,000.

Who Do I Serve The Lawsuit With?

According to Georgia law, if you sue a city you must serve the lawsuit upon the mayor, city manager, or authorized agent appointed to receive service.

Need Help With Your Case Against The City of Monroe, Georgia?  Contact Bartlett. Benton

Bartlett was born and raised in Monroe, Georgia and currently lives in Monroe.  If you need help with your case against the City of Monroe, Georgia, please contact Bartlett at 770-365-6414 for a free case evaluation.  

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