I Was Injured In A Monroe, Georgia Car Accident With An Out Of State Driver. Where Can I Sue The Driver?

Were you injured in Monroe, Georgia car accident with an out of state driver?

If so, you may be wondering where the proper court is to file a lawsuit.  Georgia has what is called the Nonresident Motorist Act that governs this issue.  Please see below a discussion of the Nonresident Motorist Act.


Georgia’s Nonresident Motorist Act is found in Title 40, Chapter 12 of the Georgia Code.  The Nonresident Motorist Act section on venue (the proper court) states the following:

A lawsuit against a nonresident may be brought in the county of the accident or in the county where the plaintiff (the person suing) is a resident.

For example, if you are a Newton County resident and were injured in a Monroe, Georgia accident with an out of state driver, you can bring the lawsuit in either Walton County or Newton County.

What if both drivers in the car accident are from out of state?  Then the proper court would be in Walton County, Georgia, which is where the hypothetical accident occurred.


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