I Was In A Car Accident In Loganville, Georgia And The At-Fault Driver Was Distracted. What Do Georgia’s Distracted Driving Laws Say?

Were you in a car accident in Loganville, Georgia and the at-fault driver was driving distracted?

If so, you may be wondering what Georgia’s distracted driving laws say.  Please see below a breakdown on Georgia’s distracted driving laws.


In Georgia, OCGA 40-6-241 is the law on distracted driving.  This statute forbids the following:

  • Holding or supporting any electronic communication device with any part of a person’s body (earpieces, wrist devices, or headphones are allowed if used to talk via telephone)
  • Writing, sending, or reading any text message, email, or other electronic message (voice messaging is still allowable and navigation systems are still allowable)
  • Watching a video or movie on an electronic device other than data related to the navigation of the vehicle
  • Recording or broadcasting a video other than continuous recorders found within or on the vehicle
  • Using more than a single button to initiate or terminate a call while on the highway
  • Reaching for a communication device that would require the driver to no longer be seated in a driving position or properly restrained by a seat belt


Common examples of distracted driving include texting and driving, holding a phone while talking on the phone, watching a video while driving, and filming a video while driving.

If you can prove the at-fault driver was driving while distracted, then you will have a stronger case and will have the potential to obtain higher damages.


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