How Much Does A Loganville, Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Charge?

Were you injured in a car accident in Loganville, Georgia and need a lawyer?

If so, you may be wondering how much a Loganville, Georgia car accident lawyer will charge you to represent you.

Generally speaking, you will not be charged any attorney fees unless your attorney is able to recover money on your behalf.

You will have to cover case expenses such as court filing fees, deposition fees, medical record retrieval fees, etc., but these expenses will generally be fronted by your attorney, and then later deducted out of your final settlement.

Most attorneys charge 33% of the settlement as their fee for handling the case, but if the case has to be put into a lawsuit, the fee will generally go up to 40% of the settlement or jury verdict.

For example, if your case becomes a lawsuit and is not settled beforehand, and a settlement of $100,000 is later reached, your lawyer will take $40,000 of the settlement as his/her attorney fee.


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