Georgia (USPS) Mail Truck Accidents

Postal and commercial services are the pivot of communication and information systems around the world. The United States Postal Service (USPS) in Georgia not only renders mail services but also helps maintain the supply of the latest products for consumer consumption. It has added fleets to deliver packages, parcels, and heavier cargo. Our community collaborates with them to deliver products through vans, trucks, trailers and 18-wheeler cargo vehicles. The competition has become so intense that every mail truck driver must work aggressively day and night by offering and claiming the fastest, most transparently traceable, reliable, cost-effective and efficient services to their clients.

This is a challenging task even though many employers cover issues and some purchase personal insurance coverage, while others hire mail truck contractors as mailing and truck-trailers has become a 600-billion-dollar industry. While driving long distances to meet competitive deadlines, mail truck drivers suffer minor or major accidents. Although the U.S. lawmakers have introduced guidelines to prevent accidents, employers need to adhere to the rules and regulations as well to eliminate the main causes of unforeseen accidents.

Causes of Accidents

Government agencies identify fatigue, overwork, lack of sleep, negligence of driver, improper vehicle maintenance, tire issues, lack of proper training, inclement weather, unfamiliar routes, lack of experience on new vehicles, manufacturing defects, violation of laws, personal emotional stress and improper distance of applying brakes to stop safely as some of the main causes of mail truck accidents. The large 18-wheelers which are used by Georgia (USPS) mail truck services need to apply breaks at safe distances of 300 to 525 feet to stop without causing road accidents. 

The load of the vehicle also plays an important factor and is additionally responsible for collisions. 40-ton loads are more prone to collide than 2.5-ton loads such as those on carrier trucks.

It has also been documented that most accidents happen on major roads and intersections. 

Injuries caused by truck-trailer or large mailing truck collisions result in:

  • Broken bones
  • Broken neck or vertebral column
  • Soft tissue and internal organ damage
  • Death

Global statistics in general as well as data specific to accident statistics for Georgia mail truck accidents indicate that mail truck collisions are increasing drastically. The resulting death toll and disabilities are on the rise. Also, studies indicate that most accidents occur at noon and in the afternoon, with Thursday being the most dangerous day of the week. 16% of all accidents occur from Mondays to Thursdays. Fewer accidents occur on Saturdays and Sundays. 74% of truck accidents involved truck trailers.

Effects of Accidents

Accidents cause unpredictable damage, pain and suffering. Large carrier truck clashes are usually fatal. Lesser damages include physical, mental, social, economic, and psycho-social suffering. Shock, fear, mental imbalance, phobias, harassment, accusations, admissions to the hospital or physical disabilities are further damages. 

Violation of Human Rights and ethical challenges may arise in the process of coping with these issues. The support of physicians, chiropractors, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, attorneys, government authorities and insurance companies among others is elemental in dealing with the aftereffects of mail truck accidents. Truck-trailer accidents can morph into psychological stress and trauma for the survivors. Therefore, interdisciplinary actions are needed to meet the challenges.

Reduction of Accidents

Implementation and regulation of the following will help reduce the number of USPS mail truck accidents in Georgia.

  • Strictly following Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Legal information
  • Adopting and providing strict training policies for mail truck drivers
  • Adhering to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rules and regulations
  • Hiring postal and commercial vehicle drivers with extensive experience
  • Installing electronic stability control devices in commercial vehicles
  • Ensuring that mail truck drivers have intermittent eight-hour rest and work schedules

Additionally, trucks carrying hazardous, flammable, combustible, radioactive, and oxidizing substances should only be driven by experienced, highly professional drivers with no criminal records.

Immediate Actions Required at the Site of Accident

Call 911. Exchange driving license and insurance company information, take photos of the site of the accident, make note of nearby surveillance cameras, report to Georgia police and go for medical evaluation even if injuries are minor.

It would be beneficial to give us a call immediately to consult with and appoint a professional attorney immediately after the mail truck accident. Our attorney will represent your case, gather evidence, discuss settlement terms and contact the involved insurers.

Reasons for Appointing Benton & Benton

  • Our attorneys are certified by the Ministry of Law and Parliamentary Affairs and have many years of practice. They know the subtleties of law and represent the client in accordance with the Federal Tort Claims Act. They are fully knowledgeable of the U.S. legal and justice system.
  • After an accident, the claimant is obliged to fill up many forms. This is where many people neglect to mention important information which may affect compensation. After the Form is filed, our federal government takes six months to process it. To accept it or to go for appeal is a crucial decision in which our attorneys are extremely helpful as they are trained in interdisciplinary programs.
  • Our attorneys deeply care about Georgia and its residents and can critically evaluate when, where and how to file a claim against the accused – at a personal, company or federal government level for personal injury and damages suffered.
  • Our expert attorneys at Benton & Benton are experts in the regulations related to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Act. They can professionally assess the violations from commercial or government trucking companies and their drivers and determine the liability to negotiate compensation.
  • Our attorneys can act as the main negotiator of the claimant, insurance company, public or government agencies and help settle your case professionally.