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Drunk Driving Accidents in Monroe, GA

Monroe, GA Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Despite the rise of apps like Uber and Lyft, drunk driving accidents unfortunately still occur.  

Insurance companies generally do not fight drunk driving cases like they do other cases because of the social stigma surrounding drunk driving and the risk for a jury who will award a large jury verdict against the drunk driver.  

If you were involved in a drunk driving accident, you need to closely follow the criminal charges filed against the drunk driver, because if the driver is convicted of DUI, you may be able to use the conviction in your trial against the drunk driver.  This will improve the value of your case and help you prove punitive damages, which are damages meant to punish a defendant.

Compare cases where a driver simply was not paying close attention and caused an accident versus a driver who consciously chose to drink too much alcohol and then get behind the wheel.  The jury is way more likely to award a large verdict in the case where there was a drunk driver involved.  

Insurance companies know this, and many times will settle the case as a result.   

To properly document your case, you will need to request the police report for the accident, the dash cam/body cam video from the responding police officer to the accident, the 911 calls for the accident, and all of the criminal case pleadings related to the DUI.  

The more documentation you can submit to the insurance company regarding the DUI, the more likely you are to get a quicker settlement.  

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