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When it comes to truck crashes in Atlanta, the aftermath can be devastating, especially when it involves collisions with semi-truck tractor-trailers. Catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death can leave accident victims and their families facing unimaginable challenges.

In Atlanta, one of the leading causes of accidents involving 18-wheelers is drowsy or fatigued driving. Truck drivers endure punishing hours on the road, often pushing beyond safe limits for themselves and others. At Benton and Benton Law, we understand the consequences of truckers not getting the rest they need, and we hold them accountable for accidents caused by drowsy driving or nodding off at the wheel.

Federal regulations, administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), are in place to limit the hours of service for commercial truck drivers. These rules are designed to keep truckers alert and prevent accidents caused by fatigue. However, despite these regulations, the trucking industry’s influence has led to less stringent limitations on a trucker’s hours of service than one would hope for.

At Benton and Benton Law, we are dedicated to seeking justice for those harmed by truck accidents. Our experienced team investigates every case thoroughly to determine the cause of the crash, including driver fatigue. We take on the biggest trucking companies and fight to secure significant compensation for our clients who have suffered serious injuries or wrongful death due to another’s negligence.

If you’ve been involved in a metro Atlanta tractor-trailer accident or lost a loved one due to a semi-truck driver’s fatigued and negligent driving, don’t wait to seek legal help. Call Benton and Benton Law at +1 (866) 974-0330 for a free consultation with our Atlanta truck accident lawyers. We handle cases involving the most serious catastrophic injuries or wrongful death and are here to fight for you. Be smart and call Bart at Benton and Benton Law.

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