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Did A Concrete Truck Flip Over Onto Your Car In Monroe, Georgia? Here's Why.

Posted by Bartlett Benton | May 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

Were You Injured In An Accident With A Concrete Truck In Monroe, Georgia?

One of the most common types of accidents with concrete trucks occur because the concrete truck flipped or turned over.  Please see below the two main reasons why these types of accidents occur.  

Concrete Trucks Are Top Heavy

Concrete trucks have a high center of gravity, which make them top heavy when fully loaded.  This is why they can easily flip or turn over when the truck is driven too fast, especially through turns.  It is important for concrete truck drivers to be aware of this to prevent accidents.  

The Mixer On The Back Of Concrete Trucks Offsets The Trucks' Center Of Gravity

When the mixer on the back of the concrete truck is rotating with the cement mix inside the mixer, this offsets the truck's center of gravity.  This is dangerous through right turns, as the mix tends to gravitate towards the driver's side of the truck.    

Suing A Concrete Truck Driver And Company

If you were injured because of a concrete truck accident in Monroe, Georgia, you can sue both the concrete truck driver and the concrete company if they were at fault.  Fortunately, most companies of this kind have sizable insurance policies for these types of accidents.

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