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Following a traumatic car accident, most people don’t have time to think about much outside of recovery. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t pause just because you were seriously injured in a car accident. In the interim there are bills to be paid and your employer may not be willing (or able) to work with your new health demands. At Benton & Benton we understand the weight of financial burdens, emotional stress, and physical recovery, which is why we go the extra mile for all of our Covington, GA clients.

If you have been injured in an auto accident you need a Covington, GA car accident lawyer who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Car accidents can happen without warning and cause tremendous amounts of loss, but Benton & Benton can help you fight to get your financial and emotional dignity back. Your job after an accident is to heal. Our job is to protect your rights and get you the compensation you are entitled to.

How Does a Car Accident Entitle You to Compensation?

There are several ways that a car accident can change your quality of life, including personal injury to you or someone else in your car, which in turn can influence your ability to work. This also results in high hospital bills and the potential for long-term care, which is also a large financial burden. All of this can have lasting emotional damage as well, which is taken into consideration by Benton & Benton while we explore what a reasonable settlement offer may be. There are many different types of injuries that qualify you for compensation including, but not limited to: burns, loss of limbs, head injuries, spinal injuries, and broken bones.

What Type of Car Accident Qualifies You For Compensation?

Any type of car accident that was caused by someone else, or as the result of negligence, entitles you to compensation if you are injured, maimed, or a family member is killed. In Georgia, the law follows a doctrine known as comparative fault. This means that after a car accident occurs insurance firms look at who was most responsible to assign blame. The more blame that can be shifted, the fewer insurance companies are responsible for paying out.

For this reason, you need a Covington, GA car accident lawyer who will help prevent the other insurance company from shifting blame to you for small factors such as traveling five miles over the speed limit when an accident occurred, etc. We work hard to ensure that you have as little blame as possible placed on you after a horrific accident so that you receive everything you are entitled to.

When to Call a Covington, GA Car Accident Lawyer?

If you have been in a car accident that resulted in injuries, the time to call Benton & Benton is now. While Georgia has a two-year statute of limitations on car accident claims, a lot can happen in two years. This makes it harder to fight and win a large settlement for your case. A lot of data and documents are exchanged in the first few days following a major car accident, and the sooner a Convington, GA car accident lawyer gets involved the smoother the collection of all of these necessary documents will go.

At Benton & Benton we understand that a car accident can be traumatizing. Making the phone call and appointing us as your lawyer takes only a few minutes, and then we work in the background as you recover. We will be working hard to gather information from witnesses while the accident is still fresh, work with the involved insurers, gather all facts, and start to discuss settlement terms.

Benton & Benton is the Only Law Firm You Need on Your Side in Covington, GA

There are a variety of reasons why Benton & Benton is the right choice as your Covington, GA car accident lawyer, starting with the fact that we know the landscape of car accident claims. We are a small-town firm comprised of big-time players, and that allows us to offer you personal client attention with big firm results. Gene Benton worked for 16 years as a Superior Court Judge and Bartlett Benton spent years working as a defense attorney for insurance companies.

This extensive experience enables us to know how the other key players in your car accident lawsuit are thinking, and then effectively counter their propositions to win larger compensation for our clients. Unlike larger firms we become deeply attached to each case we decide to take. As a smaller firm, we are highly selective about our case which means that when we accept your case you are guaranteed direct access to our attorneys who are ready to go to battle for you.

Benton & Benton knows the Covington, GA region, and we care about every member of our community. If you have been in a car accident we are ready and willing to fight for you. Give us a call today or visit us online for a personalized consultation to discuss your case.

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