An Amazon Delivery Van Rear-Ended My Car In Loganville, Georgia? How Do I Prove It?

Were You Rear-Ended By An Amazon Delivery Van In Loganville, Georgia?

If so, you may be wondering how you can prove this.  Please see below a breakdown on different ways you can prove the Amazon delivery driver was at-fault.


The most accurate source of evidence is video footage.  If your accident was in an area near businesses, neighborhoods, or traffic intersections, search high and low for any surveillance cameras that may have captured the accident.

Nearby businesses, homeowners, and local government entities such as the police department may have cameras that captured the accident.


If there were any witnesses to the accident, make sure to get their contact information and get a video statement from them to lock in their story while it is fresh in the witness’ mind.


If the airbags were deployed in your car or the Amazon delivery van, there is likely airbag control module data that can be downloaded that shows the speed the vehicles were traveling leading up to impact.  If the airbag was deployed in the Amazon van, you need to send the driver a letter requesting the airbag control module data be preserved so the data can be downloaded.


If there is no video evidence or witnesses to the accident, another way to determine who is at-fault is to hire an expert accident deconstructionist who will come to the scene of the accident and try to reconstruct the accident based on factors such as skid marks and other pieces of evidence that may be found at the scene.


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