Amazon, FedEx, & UPS Truck Accidents

Welcome to Benton and Benton Law, where you’ll find expert legal representation for truck accident cases, including those involving Amazon, FedEx, and UPS. Led by renowned attorney Bart Benton, we pride ourselves on being tenacious advocates for our clients.

When you or a loved one faces serious injuries due to truck driver negligence, you need specialized legal representation with experience in litigating truck accident cases. At Benton and Benton Law, we have a team of exceptional trial attorneys with a proven track record of preparing cases for trial and winning major victories.

Tractor-trailer accidents can be extremely dangerous, causing countless injuries and deaths on our roads each year. Our experienced team at Benton and Benton Law has developed expertise in handling these complex cases, recognizing that they require a different approach than typical car accident cases. We understand the unique challenges that come with trucking cases, including dealing with government regulations and conducting in-depth investigations with the help of regulatory experts, engineers, and law enforcement professionals specializing in crash reconstruction.

At Benton and Benton Law, we take immediate action to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and document accident scenes, ensuring no stone is left unturned in pursuing justice for our clients. Our dedication and skills have resulted in major victories, uncovering evidence of wrongdoing by trucking companies and drivers that many other attorneys might have missed.

When you choose Benton and Benton Law, you’re choosing a team that truly understands trucking law and has the experience to back it up. We go above and beyond to maximize our clients’ outcomes, setting us apart from those inexperienced attorneys who merely advertise themselves as trucking attorneys. Be smart and call Bart Benton at Benton and Benton Law – your trusted Atlanta Amazon, FedEx, & UPS Truck Accident Lawyers. Let us fight for your rights and secure the justice you deserve.

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